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"NEW Transformation & Emotion Workshop"
11 days in London with Master Teachers

Transformation & Emotion Methods
Rasaboxes, Alba Emoting and Michael Chekhov 

In this first-ever workshop of it’s kind, Alba Emoting, Michael Chekhov and rasaboxes are combined to offer actors a unique and intensive experience into their emotional capabilities and become a true Athlete of Emotions. A 13-day intensive workshop as part of Rose Bruford's acting summer school.

Early Bird Discount Through April 30th :
11 Days, July 12-22
Course Fees:  Early Bird Discount  $880
Accommodation Fees:  11 nights for $550
$1430 Total, including housing!

Program Fees Include:
Training in Three Techniques
Housing - Single Room & Bath Accommodations
Lunch on Campus, hot or cold
Rose Bruford Stanislavski Center Archives
Beautiful Green Park Campus 
Sightseeing in London 
To book your space with the early-bird discount and learn more about the program click here to email us!
The Alba Method Certification Level 1 (30 hours of Training) 
An alternative to emotion memory and other psychological techniques for releasing, maintaining, and controlling emotional states on stage; The Alba Method is the result of more than 20 years of research by neuroscientist Dr. Susana Bloch with professional and student actors in Europe and South America.
 Alba Method identifies ...six "basic" emotions: anger, joy, sadness, fear, tenderness, and erotic love. These are the "primary colors" of emotion; all other emotions are "blends" of these. Each of the basic emotions has its own unique, identifiable set of effector patterns; emotional neutrality is also precisely patterned in the body. By establishing three aspects of these patterns—breathing, facial expression, and posture—an actor can enter and leave an emotional state at will.
The Rasaboxes are a unique psychophysical approach to training actors is based on classical Indian theory found in the ancient text of the Natyasastra which suggests the aesthetic experience that theatre provides can be found in eight types of emotional essences or “Rasas”, produced both in the experience of the performer and shared with its audience members.
Instruction begins with expressive movement and expansive breathing exercises which enables the actor to create physical forms and gestures for the eight emotional states (fear, rage, love, wonder, laughter, the heroic / courage, sadness / pity, disgust).  The interactive play of energy of these eight essences of emotion can manifest and be expressed physically and vocally in many varieties, shades and blends.
The Rasaboxes training is improvisational and interactive at its core, it offers a performer and an ensemble specific tools and techniques for finding a truthful, fully embodied sense of presence and emotional specificity through direct physical engagement. It integrates rather than separates acting, movement and voice, engaging the whole instrument of the performer.

Michael Chekhov Technique 
Transformation is explored through the basic principles and exercises outlined in Michael Chekhov's book To the Actor. This includes psychophysical exercises and ensemble improvisation designed to develop the organic connection between the actor's sensations, creative imagination and expressive body through Chekhov's core exercises: Expanding/Contracti ng, Staccato/Legato, Radiating/Receiving, Ease, Form, Beauty, Entirety, Qualities of Movement, Imaginary and moving Centres, Archetype, Gesture, Imaginary Body, Character and Scenic Atmospheres. Rigorous ensemble play and exploration for building concentration, imagination and presence.
"All true artists, bear within themselves a deeply rooted and often unconscious desire for transformation " - Michael Chekhov 
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To book your space with the early-bird discount and learn more about the program click here to email us!