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Viewpoints Workshop in Netherlands
Actors, Theater Makers, Performers,

Dancers and Directors

Saturday and Sunday the 4th & 5th of September

from 10.00 until 18.00

Taught by Janice Orlandi*

Actors Movement studio NYC.

Viewpoints and Composition Workshops:

1. Saturday September 4 th Viewpoints Technique I
This course will teach you the basics of the Viewpoints . Students can expect to develop spontaneity, intuition, and a deeper awareness of how space, shape, time, movement, emotion and story function in the theatre. Viewpoints training and technique is designed to strengthen and expand the physical and vocal possibilities in creating characterization and staging. The vocabulary of Viewpoints are; Kinesthetic Response, Tempo, Duration, Repetition, Spatial Relationship, Architecture, Gesture and Floor plan, they will be introduced and explored, as a set of tools for the actor and ensemble to create bold and original theatre pieces which integrate text and movement through heart-pumping exercises called Jam Sessions.

2. Sunday September 5 th Viewpoints Technique II & Composition Part I
Learn how to transform an idea, a few props, and a bit of dialogue into a living, breathing, theatrical event. The course will also investigate the application of the Viewpoints method in more traditional rehearsal settings. A final, group created movement theatre piece will be created and presented. Viewpoints in practice, students identify and explore the basic compositional vocabulary of Space, Time, Shape, Movement, Story, and Emotion through structured improvisation. These viewpoints are subsequently developed into compositional tools that become the building blocks of composition and staging to create original theatre pieces which integrate text and movement.

What are Viewpoints?

Viewpoints are a movement-based technique that's all about awareness of the body in space and time. It helps actors develop "the ability to listen with the entire body," to take in and use everything around them. It allows actors to rely more on input from their fellow actors, to become part of a collective. Viewpoints awaken your awareness as an actor, enabling you to react more truthfully and effectively to the performances of your fellow actors. It challenges the actor to be conscious, and open to visceral contact with one's surroundings at all times and to be ready to respond to those surroundings - to speak, to move to act, to change - in an instant, allowing a group of actors to function together spontaneously and intuitively using and to generate bold, theatrical work.

* The workshop will be in English. It's recommendable to wear comfortable clothes. Please bring your own lunch.

You can enroll for the whole weekend or participate for just one day.

Saturday September 4th and Sunday September 5th
from 10.00 until 18.00
in the Pniëlchurch,
Rosendaalsestraat / hoek Leeuwensteinplein 18
map of Arnhem , busline

You can enroll for the workshop until 9/4, and a discount of 20 Euro if you enroll by 8/31. Your space in course is confirmed by your payment. Restitution is possible if you announce your withdrawal at least two weeks before start.

Prices are: 85 euros a whole weekend, or 50 euros a day.
For students: 65 euros, or 35 euros.
Make a money order payable to Theater Maretak,
Nijmegen , giro 4480688
and mention: workshop Janice Orlandi September

Participants send all questions requests and reservations in English to:

ams@actorsmovementstudio.com with message title: WS Arnhime NL

* Janice Orlandi : Actress, director, movement specialist and certified teacher of Williamson Technique trained by Loyd Williamson, trained with Anne Bogart, Tina Landau and Siti Company in Viewpoints, Suzuki and Composition. A senior faculty and Co-Director of Actors Movement Studio, trained by Loyd Williamson, founder of the Williamson Technique, Currently on faculty at University of the Arts, School of Performing Arts, Philadelphia. She has also taught Movement, and Period Style in educational institutions and theater programs in USA and Europe including:, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers State University, Williamstown Theater Festival, De Lindenberg Centrum Voor Kunst Culture, Nijmegen NL, Lehman College, New York State Summer School of The Arts, School for Film and Television NYC, and at Princeton Shakespeare Festival, Member of Actors Equity and Screen Actors Gulid. Recently Played Juliet's Nurse in this summer's production of Romeo at Princeton Repertory's Outdoor Shakespeare Festival.

Her enthusiasm and dedication characterize her as a drama teacher .

>For more information about the workshop and Janice Orlandi please visit the website

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