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The Levels

A minimum of three terms (Levels I, II, III) is required for completion of Williamson Physical Technique and Period Style character.

Level I
Areas of focus are: the body opening to experience relationships, experience the imaginary world, release the muscles to free breath, allow the senses to take in whatever they contact, releases defenses and constrictions Two major aspects of the work are freedom and connection. First we develop a total physical freedom in one's behavior, and second we develop a complete connection with the relationships and circumstances of the world. The introduction to alignment through a concept called the Circles of Energy and developing the body for physical balance as applied to basic activities of standing, sitting and walking.
Level II
Continuing with the work of Level I the actor develops a deeper and more expansive opening of the body and the five senses. The actor creates various impediments such as drunk, blind, old age and fatigue. The following concepts and exercises are introduced: an open throat for unrestricted vibration of sound, in depth work on alignment including the upward release of the spine. In this semester we move on to the athletic portions of the technique including a complete set of physical exercises called: Seated, Standing, Lower Body, Circular Swing, and Legwork variations. These are designed for building strength, flexibility, musical phrasing and graceful presence.
Level III
If the previous semesters have been for bringing the five senses into full aliveness, contact, opening the systems of the body, and taking in stimuli, then the second half of the technique is for a flowing-out of behavior. The major concerns are:
  • basic mastery of alignment

  • he mastery of the basics of the entire Open Choreography variations

  • body that is fully connected through the five senses and expressive in both gesture and sound

  • xtensive exercises in the flow of sound with full use of poetry text, selected by the actors.
Salon Period
Students enter into the style of an era and bring a historical character to life. The three eras in history  in which many classical plays and films are set: the Renaissance, Restoration/Baroque, and Victorian/Edwardian. The following is an example of the era, the circumstances, and the cast. Before the semester begins, a list of the characters, with a brief version of the complete biography is displayed. The actors are encourages to select the character that they wish to play. If they do not know or would rather have help, the faculty assigns the character.

The Period style class project accompanies either Level III A or Level IV Class. The actor researches and develops a character via the historical and cultural etiquette, manners, protocol dances, costumes & dress, cultural and social relationships of the period. The period characters are created using the principles of the technique, such as: sensual contact, open sound, and physical alignment.





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